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I am Patrik, and I’m looking for an innovative, vibrant and exciting company where I can contribute in development while write my master thesis for my Masters degree in Industrial Design Engineering at Luleå Technical University. To me, Design and Engineering are inseparable, two sides of a coin. My opinion, or rather conviction, is that one can not exist without the other. A belief that grew stronger during my time at LTU.


I love what I do and find it hard to separate my studies from my spare time, which i often spend at school working on my own projects. My portfolio is divided into two sections. Work and Play. Were Work presents results from university courses and Play shows some of the things i do with when i'm not in class.


Looking forward to hear from you,



developing a hassle free caulc gun

In the course Product- and Manufacturing Design, A0013A, me and my class members were divided in to groups by the teachers. My group got the assignment of redesigning a common caulk gun. The group agreed the redesigned product should consider criteria, such as; environmental issues, production and distribution economy, quality, feasibility, usability and functionality.


The process included a market study, ideation and prototyping, cost calculations, concept evaluations, materials selection, usability studies, presentations of the different steps in the process and of course written a report.


Below is a clip used as introduction for the final presentation describing the creative process, followed by CAD-images of the final concept.


If you wish to read more about the process, please click this text.

Video presentation describing the creative process:

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Concept images:

Exploded view of components

Compatible with standardized  tubes

Hanger for when two hand are needed for other things

Dynamic center of mass,

close to the user

Appealing design

The tube is cut to allow ergonomic handling

Automatic pressure release mechanism

Quick release

Surface Modeling

Computer aided industrial design

This sections illustrate the results of the second and third assignment of the course Advanced Techniques for Visualization (CAID), D7005A performed in the fall of 2014. I was required to use the programs Autodesk Maya and AliasAutomotive in the course. On top of that I used Adobe Photoshop and Apple Final Cut Pro X for image and video editing.

Assignment 2/3: Glasses

The second assignment was to create a pair of glasses. There are lots of different kind of glasses on the market, and I was tired of stumbling across something resembling of what I was about to create. So I decided on creating something definitely not available, stil very realistic and possible to produce. The reason these kind of glasses don't exist is because they fill no purpose, no dog in its right mind would agree to wear them, and even if so, they probably fall of to easy. Aiming to remind the user of the classic Ray-Ban wayfarer sunglasses, I created a pair of “Ray-Paw’s” that could fit my dog Billy. The assignment was examined by creating a “studio image”, a sequence of moving pictures showing the glasses in some kind of movement (above) and by showing the glasses mounted to a model of choice (below). A high-resolution version of the image below is downloadable by clicking this link.


Assignment 3/3: A tree-house cabin

The third assignment was to create a tree-house suitable for the tree hotel in Harads, Swedish Lapland. When choosing a theme, i wanted it to enhance the feeling of being in the deep Swedish forests. The hut is a traditional lumbered Swedish friggebod with its roof and south facing wall exchanged with glass, to get the visitor as close as possible to the Swedish forest as possible. The cabin is furnitured with the Swedish designer Bruno Mathssons’s iconic lounge chair Model 36. In order to create a historic relation to the woods where tree hotel is located, I covered the lounge chair with a pattern associated with the natives of the Arctic area, the Sami People. Other garments are also Traditional Sami items, such as the sami shamanic drum, a sami pattern bedcover, a traditional knife, and paintings depicting Sami’s made by the artist Annica Waara. The examination was to produce a poster promoting the cabin in A0 format. A high resolution image can be downloaded by clicking this text.





developing a refuge for future deep mining

In the course Advanced Product Design, D7006A, concurred during the fall of 2014, I was assigned to work together with 9 other class members. Our client was Felix Lehen of Achen university, acting on behalf of I2mine, a EU-project with the aim of developing future deep mining. The task given was to develop a rescue chamber to increase the odds of survival in case of a mining accident. The given scenario included detailed specifications of the miners environmental and physical conditions.

The two videos below are created during the spring of 2015, with the two presentations required in the course as a base. The original mid-course presentation have been significantly shortened and was originally performed by Pontus Carlsson, Anna-Klara Nilsson and Therese Persson. The final presentation is also a remake, using the same script, graphics and narrators as on the original occasion.


The project was highlighted on the Luleå University of Technology´s website, in a National Swedish printed magazine called “Ny Teknik”, which translates “New Technology” and on Swedish national radios website. See links embedded in the text.

Final Concept render

Final Concept environmental render


a course to develop designing skills

In the course Designing, D7007A, I got a chance to develop and express my view of design. The images translated below are the introduction pages of a workbook describing the outcome of the course. These particular pages aim to describe my point of view of design in regards to the course:



Below you can view the first 7pages of the workbook examining the course.

The workbook is available under contacts and links.

Shape is a tool to mediate, the same way a language is. Shape, colours, sound, text and speech, are all methods to to express.


Shape and colour don't necessarily express what the creator feels. Like the spoken or written word don't have to be emotional, shape can be a tool to convey information.


A skilled communicator get message through as clean and simple as possible. The one to say the most, but talk least, is the most skilled speaker. The same goes for design.


In my opinion, the most pleasant design is the one delivering its message, without being more complicated or take up more space then necessary. The one enchanting without capturing, more like a beautiful sunset then a puzzle.


Its about knowing what you want to say, and say just that.



I love design.


I love when its there without presence.


When the lines whisper more then they say,

and tell a story they couldn't tell on their own,

or when every line stands for something by it self.


I like to get as little as possible,

to say as much as possible.


I like when lines don't claim any space,

when they just are,

when a line keeps its history to it self.



an opportunity to test theory in Austria

In the spring of 2014, while attending the course Creative concept development, M7017T, me and my class members were encouraged Peter Törlind to apply for the opportunity to go to Wien, Austria, to facilitate a Workshop. Competing not only with competitors from our university, but also students from Chalmers Institute of Technology, Gothenburg and KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm. Me and my friends Hampus, Felicia and John got the opportunity to try or knowledge in a real scenario. Our employer was Innventia and the task was to assist engeniers and high level employees at Mondi Europe to find an alternative use for a high tech 3-ply paper mill. Proving our selfes was developing in a personal stage. When we got the jobb, the timetable was very tight, and it was a challenge not to set the current studies on hold while preparing. It was developing to experience a deadline with something substantial at stake.

A3 group application:

Printed "bordstabletter" doubling as programs created for use during the workshop :

Unfortunately the results of the Workshop can not be revealed due to confidentiality.




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